FM Synthesis Work!

Here is what I cooked up for the FM Synthesis work.



Dabblin’ ’round in Ableton 2.0

Since I last posted about what I’ve been messing around in Ableton with, I have added a piano track. I’m still getting it to fit (I think it goes out of time occasionally) and I am still looking to fully flesh this out into a song.

I will also upgrade to Ableton Suite due to it offering more instruments, effects, etc which can only mean more options for this and other tracks.

Dabblin’ ’round in Ableton

So, I recently downloaded Ableton and I’ve been messing around seeing what works and what doesn’t. Essentially, experimenting.  This is also, my first dabble in music production. This will, as  I work on it, become a beat which I will then write lyrics over.

I used four clips to make this, Hip hop Congos 100bpm, Two Step Garage 125bpm, DMX Bust It – 115 – Groove 1 and Suicide Bass. With both the DMX and Bass, I EQ’d them so that they didn’t clash with each other.

I’m also really drawn to the combo of the Two Step and the Congos, they go together really well.

Anyway, give it a listen and tell me your thoughts. Peace!