Inspiration for a cool sample

One of my favourite Aussie rappers is Urthboy.¬† He’s upbeat and positive, he’s also pretty aware of currents issues, as exampled in his song “Nambucca Boy” dedicated to Phil Hughes and his family.



The inspiration for a cool sample comes from his 2012 album “Smokey’s Haunt” ( track 10 “Glimpses” feat. Jane Tyrell and Jimblah.

Throughout the song there is a really good vocal sample in the background that plays during the¬†chorus and outro. I’ve read the liner notes and it doesn’t mention where the sample is from or who did it, however, the producers are Elgusto and Countbounce. I immediately started to really enjoy the sample and how it added to the mood of the song and also the effects applied to it.

Smokey’s Haunt at JB Hi-Fi

Smokey’s Haunt on iTunes